Glenn Farr

Glenn Farr is a veteran professional filmmaker who has worked in Hollywood since 1968. Primarily as a Film Editor, Glenn’s credits include a variety of media forms including feature films, TV movies and series, feature length and short documentaries.
In 1984, Glenn was awarded an Oscar for Best Film Editing of the feature film, The Right Stuff. For the same film he was nominated for the “Eddy Award”, (Best Edited Feature), for the same film by the American Cinema Editors organization.
More recently, Glenn has been a Film Editor for the Warner Bros. TV series, The Mentalist seen on CBS TV.
For many years Glenn has served as a Board Member of the Armenian Film Foundation. During that time he served as a consultant on the production of the Dr. J. Michael Hagopian produced trilogy of films about the Armenian Genocide.
Glenn serves as a mentor at large of film students and film school graduates on a regular basis.
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